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Shadow of Mordor Review

First of all this is the worst game I’ve ever played. The story does not make any sense whatsoever. All you do is fight orcs. And the loading time, don’t even get me started on that. But to look at it you’d think it was based on a box of crap. Oh and the names of the charaters I’m not gonna say all of them, here’s an example: your name is RANGER, yep that’s what we’re looking at. The combat is just Assassin’s Creed crossed between Batman Arkham City, now they’re really good games but this is just that but really slow. The map is big but there’s no civilisation, it’s just hills and archways, oh and here’s a real picture of the game.


Skyrim game review

Hi, my first upload is here, lets get to the point. Skyrim is the 5th elder scroll game. It’s a rpg with fun little puzzles. The story is that you’re a hero but you start as a prisoner and the empire think you’re a stormcloack rebel who they are at war with but you are about to get headless when a dragon kills everyone in the fort. You escape and it is your destiny to kill that dragon and doing side quests on the way to earn AWESOME weapons and there are amazing add-ons (heartfire, dawnguard, dragon born). That’s just about it bye.